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How can coaching help you?

Understand your life energy

Leaders all have a certain level of energy, inspiration, motivation, and presence they exhibit.  The best leaders lead by creating, having a vision, looking for opportunity and caring about others.

Every leader has the potential to be come better, to utilize the gifts, talents, experience and training of those around them.  Leaders lead by developing the potential in others and by encouraging and motivating people to be their best.

Some leaders though find themselves blaming others, making excuses, and looking only to win and doing what it takes to win.  Some leaders have the "I win you lose" mindset.

Where do you fall?  At what level are you as a leader?

Find out how to increase your potential, your results and your leadership value.  Become a better leader today.  

Level 7 - Creation

Point of view, winning and losing are illusions.  Unconditional love.  Leaders exhibit some amount of this state of being.

Level 6 - Vision

Point of view, everyone always wins.  Live is experience and seeking truth.   The leader recognizes and values the potential of everyone.

Level 5 - Opportunity

Point of view,we both win.  Life is an opportunity.  Leaders develop greatness in others.

Level 4 -  Caring

Point of view, you win.  Service to others, developing a better world, caring about and for others.

Level 3 -  Rationalization

Point of view, I win.  Willing to forgive.  Life is what you make it.  

Level 2 -  Anger

Point of view, I win, you lose.  Judgmental, life is hard, I must be in control, I'll forgive you if you earn it.

Level 1 -  Victim

Point of view, I lose.  Life has no meaning.  I hate myself.  I am powerless. There is no hope.

What is your purpose?

What do you want your life to mean?

What is your life-style?

What is your work-style?

Understanding your purpose allows you to set goals and live your life in a direction that matters most to you.

You may wonder - what should I be doing with my life?

What do you want to do with your life?

Personal Growth

Are you growing as a person? Building new skills, learning, developing.


How satisfied are you with your relationships?


Are you living where you want to live and as well as you want to live?


Are you financially able to do what you want?


Are you doing work that inspires and motivates you?


Are you connected to something larger than yourself?


Are you satisfied with your friends and family/community?

Listening the #1 job for a leader.

Listening is important.  Today, distractions are plentiful.  There is too much to do and no time to do it.  Taking time to listen is hard.  It is so much easier to speak and move on to the next issue.

When people are heard they are much more willing to serve, engage and produce results.  When people are ignored they only commit to doing the minimal amount of work possible.  

Find out how to increase your listening skills and abilities.  Learn how that can inspire, motivate and engage the full potential of others.

Be an inspiring leader by listening deeply and actively.

Level 1 Listening

Talking nice, saying what others want to hear.

Level 2 Listening

Debate, talking from your point of view. Confronting others.

Level 3 Listening

Inquiry, real dialog.  Listening with the intention of learning.  Reflective listening.

Level 4 Listening

Creative listening.  Non-judgmental creative conversation that flows authentically.   The heart is open, future possibility, and a point where transformation is available.