Coach with HEART

Coach with HEART

An expert in facilitation behavioral change Dan works with individuals to realize their full potential and to achieve greater personal and professional results.

Dan is a certifed coach (PCC) under the auspices of the International Coach Federation.  Dan has extensive coach training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), and has additional training in executive coaching (WBECS) as well as ADHD and career coaching training.

I use project management to help people who struggle with time management and organization to help them find ways to accomplish more in less time.  

For leaders and those intending on developing leadership skills the tools include "Intentional Change Theory", "Appreciative Inquiry", advanced communications theory based on the latest in neuroscience and Positive Psychology, meditation and other resources to help the client realize the results they desire.

I work with college students and adults who desire to enhance, improve or accelerate growth in their personal or professional life.

Hobbies include photography, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Dan is member of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD), ADDA (Adults with ADHD) and the ICF.

Achieve your goals faster ... live your full potential, overcome your struggles and jump on a new path.  Are you willing?  Are you ready for something different?