What is Coaching?

You live in a world that is experiencing great change, economic change, social change, financial change, personal change, relational change, emotional change and spiritual change. Change is happening faster and faster and people are now thinking, "how can I deal with this much change and stress?"

We have access to information faster than ever before. People are expecting answers and they aren't finding them life is just spinning by and they would like more balance and free-time. People are searching for some time for themselves and now they find that time is now spent answering emails, texting each other and life never seems to stop. The old techniques of keeping up with life are now starting to break down. Stress is increasing and it seems that it is increasing daily. What about you? What are you feeling?

Coaching used to be for top athletes and business executives. The results they got were astounding. For every dollar they spent in coaching the return was over seven dollars. In what other arena of life do you get back far more in value than you invest?

Coaching is a process driven approach to setting goals and eliminating those factors that cause people to pull back from achieving great things in their life.

The coach works with the client in a confidential supportive environment that allows the client to objectively look at the issues that they have faced in their past that may have caused them not to achieve the outcomes they desired.

Life coaching covers areas such as career coaching, performance coaching, communications, relationship, finances and personal growth. Because life coaching is broad in coverage many coaches focus on just a few areas in the life coaching genre.

I work in the areas of performance, career, leadership and ADHD coaching.

In many cases people come with one area they want to work on and there is really some other area that they need to work on first before they can get to their real goal.

Let's face it, change is hard to do. If people could make a commitment to making the changes they wanted to make then coaching wouldn't be necessary. The brain doesn't want you to change. It wants to feel safe, and by not making those changes in diet, career, a relationship, health, personal growth, spirituality or finances you'll be in the same place tomorrow as you are today. It takes effort to change and it takes time to create new habits. For most people the power of an existing habit is very hard to do. Look at the New Year's resolutions that have been made and within a couple of weeks abandoned.

People that want the best out of life, the best for their life, seek coaches. They do it because they know there is something better for them, when they can take that first step.