What is Coach with HEART?

What is Coach with HEART? It is a coaching practice that is geared to helping individuals create for themselves their ideal future. While “ideal” might sound a stretch that is what we aim for, what we seek. We seek the best that we can. I work with my clients so they can become confident in themselves. My clients will obtain a set of skills that will last a lifetime. I work with people who desire something better, something that says “I was here and I mattered”. I work with ADHD/ADD adults who are competing in a world where 94% of the people don't understand what ADHD is. About 4-6% of the adult population experiences the impact of ADD/ADHD in their lives.

Some ADHD individuals just want to do better and coaching is one of the most effective long lasting processes a person can use. It does work and it makes a difference especially to those who have difficulty focusing on the “right” thing to do. ADHD/ADD can be frustrating and at the same time ADHD/ADD people are among the most intelligent people there are. They are typically very creative, idea centric, learners and have a vivid exciting imagination. Many have an abundance of energy and their clock is going all of the time. Some may appear to be withdrawn and less energetic yet their mind is popping with ideas (only if they could focus on a few of them).

The HEART in coach with HEART stands for Humility, Encouragement, Acknowledgment, Relationships and Trust. That is what my coaching story is about. It is about releasing your potential, your gifts and restoring that confidence that got lost somewhere in the past. You have the ability to make a difference and with a coach you can.

Dan Weigold, MA in Leadership from Duquense University completed his coach training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Dan is a certified Keirsey Temperament Certified professional and is a “Energy Leadership Index” Master Practitioner. With many years of process development, leadership training and management experience, Dan decided to leverage that experience and passion for developing leaders into a coaching practice that can serve those making transitions in life (including career, challenging life situations and personal development). Dan writes the popular Coach with Heart blog, exploring the issues in life that impact us.

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